The Flavor Ratio in DIY E-Liquid

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You may know how to use the VG,PG to mix your e-liquid with flavors, but do you know the ratios to make your e-juice more tasty and authentic?

If you are making your e-juice. You may wonder how many drops of the concentrated flavor do I need. What ratio is the flavoring? In fact, differenct kinds of flavoring has different ratio in e-juice. Let us catogrize the flavor into three series: Menthol Series, Tobacco Series,Fruti Series. The ratios for this three series are 5%,8%,12% respectively. And if your e-juice use more VG base, you need to increase the flavroing.


PG VG Comparision

The Benefits of Propylene Glycol

It is also important that you learn more about the benefits of Propylene Glycol aside from knowing the answer to your question: what are PG and VG? One of the things that set PG apart from VG is that is has a somewhat lower level of flavor of its own. This is because PG is thinner compared to VG. E-liquids that are made up of pure Propylene Glycol or those that are made of mostly PG work well with electronic cigarettes that have small openings such as the eGo-Tank.

This type of e cigarettes have smaller openings wherein the e-liquid travels in order for it to reach the heating component of the cigarette, commonly the heating coil. When use all on its own, the vapor that is produced by Propylene Glycol have a thinner mouth feel and taste. In general, you may feel that e-liquids made up entirely of Propylene Glycol or those that are made of mostly PG have defined flavors compared to e-liquids that are comprised of or mostly of Vegetable Glycerin.

The Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin

When used on its own, you will find that Vegetable Glycerin is a little on the sweet side. So when used as a component in e-liquids, VG makes it a bit harder for the notes of certain flavors to be detected. Aside from this, VG is also slightly thicker compared to PG, so the vapor that the former produces is thicker. As a result of the thicker amount of vapor that Vegetable Glycerin produces, you may think that e-liquids comprised purely or mostly of VG produces a higher amount of vapor compared to that of e-liquids made purely or mostly of PG. Some people also prefer VG-based e-liquids because they have certain allergies to Propylene Glycol and other chemical compounds.

Which is Better, PG or VG?

So now that we have answered your question about what are PG and VG, you might be wondering as to which is better, PG or VG? We cannot give you the exact answer, as your choice and decision will all boil down to your personal preference, your e cig smoking requirements, and your tastes. One of the most important things that you need to know about Propylene Glycol is that this is a man made synthetic chemical, while Vegetable Glycerin, as you can already infer by its term, is a component derived from plants.

With this being said, if you know that you are sensitive or if you have allergies to chemical compounds, it may be better for you to use an e-liquid comprised purely or mostly of VG. If you have experienced any adverse reactions such as throat dryness when using an e-liquid based from Propylene Glycol, it is definitely a wise choice to switch over immediately to an e-liquid based from Vegetable Glycerin. On the other hand, if you are not sensitive or allergic to PG and you would want something that will enhance the flavors of your e-liquids, then you might want to go for a PG-based e-liquid.


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