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What is the shlef life for flavor concentrate? Will the flavoring spoil?

The Flavor Ratio in DIY E-Liquid

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You may know how to use the VG,PG to mix your e-liquid with flavors, but do you know the ratios to make your e-juice more tasty and authentic?

What's the difference between PG eliquid, VG e-liquid, PG/VG Mix?

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What Does %PG/%VG Mean?  how to choose?

E-liquid is a mixture of varying amounts of about 4 different ingredients.  Water, Nicotine, PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin) and flavoring.  Some liquids can have additional ingredients, but for the most part, these are the main ingredients to all e-liquid.

The amount of nicotine is dependent on the strength of nicotine in your e-liquid, but let’s say it is around 10% nicotine.  Somewhere around 10% of your e-liquid will be flavoring. And depending on how you like your vape, that determines the percentage of PG and VG in your e-liquid.

Does Nic level change the taste?

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The nicotine level changes the flavor of the e-liquid. The higher the nicotine level, the bitter and harsh of the e-liquid.


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I had a small conversation about this awhile back in a thread, but I wanted to get a larger consensus of the community.
So, the question I propose: What, exactly and specifically, makes a mod a "mechanical" mod?
Two definitions I've seen people use:
1. No circuit board, just a straight voltage device, with a switch. The construction of the switch and wires doesn't matter.
2. No wires, no factory-produced switches.

What's the difference between atomizers and cartomizers and clearomizer?

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A atomizer is the heating part of the vapor device which is old typle of e-cigarette.A cartomizer is the atomizer and cartridge in one unit. Your 'T" is an atomizer and tank.Clearomizer just like it says, it is clear some are in colored plastic tube now.It conbines the atomizer and the tank and the mouthpiece together.

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