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I have been using e-ciagrette for many years. I have tried Greensmoke,V2 cig,and E-cig, but Novocig is the most wonderful e-cigarette I ever tried. It seems that I had found a new life. I can't leave without Novocig now.

 Delen from US

There is no such an E-cigarette can compete with Novocig, I don't brag on it. I just tried it and I will never let it go.My wife also tried.She is a heavy smoker, and now she uses novocig. She really looks beautiful now. Just a little joke.LOL.Anyway, you are really good.

Davis from CA

I have been using Novocig for 1 year. I must say something. I am grateful for Novocig. it helps me reduced my addiction to Nicotine, I was so addictive to Nicotine but now I use Novocig and their prescription of reducing nicotine addiction. I finally get rid of the addiction . Now I am enjoy the free nicotine e-cigarette. Thanks for Novocig giving me a brand new start.

Brown from US

Thanks for Novocig, I don't smell bad now. My wife doesn't have to stand the nasty tobacco flavor she thought. I am using menthol and fruit flavor.LOL I am candy man.

Sharon from UK

Amazing! Really fast, I ordered last night. Just 30 hours, TNT delivered it to my doorstep.This is wonderful on line shopping I ever had! Thanks!

Conel from US

The TNT shipping is fast but a little expensive.Novocig recommends you choose Post Mail


After much research, I kept coming back to this website....I am so glad I did! The shipping was quick, everything arrived perfect....Thank you, for your product and quick and fantastic service!

J.Phillips from DE

J'adore votre produit et tous mes amis ont ordonné parce que j'ai été capable d'arrêter de fumer avec votre E-cig! Votre liquide est comme par magie.

Micheal from FR

I had never written a riview before but decided to for the e-liquid. I ordered many different kinds but the ones that really stands out the most are the camel and apple.The service was great and my shipment came quickly. I will be certainly be ordering from you again.

Melissa from CA

You guys did a great business. I really feel good with you. I had some bad experience with China vendors, they all lack integrity, slow in response emails and bad customer service. But I changed my views with you guy. You have a good team. Your CS team is really great. They are professional and polite, I always got good answers from them. Yes, My emails can be replied in 24 hours, this is amazing, I even got a reply in 10 minutes one time. I feel safe shopping with you. Thanks. Keep working!!!

Scott from US

Hi Novocig, I would like to thank you for the great service,and fast delivery of my first order. My order arrived today,and i am very happy :) The package was packaged very well,and the concentrates smell great. I ordered off another company in the US, and still my package has not left the US after 13 days, your delivery service is the best,and i will only be buying my products from Novocig from now on, thank you :) Best Regards,

Phillip from AU

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