Elips Electronic cigarette
The Elips is clearly a departure from traditional electronic cigarette design.  It's easy to tell that this is a different sort of e-cigarette just by looking at the device.  The device is roughly the length of a standard mini style e-cig, but is much wider and has an elliptical shape to it (hence the name, presumably).
By the looks of things, a lot of thought went into the industrial design of the Elips.  The button is flush with the battery's body and is contoured for the finger.  A raised collar sits between the atomizer and battery, in which two barely noticeable pin holes provide airflow for the device.
The other immediately noticeable thing about the design of the Elips is that it uses no typical e-cigarette standard whatsoever. Instead of an atomizer that screws into a battery, the Elips features an atomizer that snaps onto the battery.  Two matching pins on each piece provide the electrical connection.
The atomizer design also works a little differently than most tank systems.  Rather than a tank sliding into the atomizer sleeve and just sitting there, a small tank that looks like a perfume bottle is attached to the atomizer. A cover hides the tank and inner workings of the atomizer contributing to the monolithic look of the Elips.
Charging is done via a built-in port on the end of an e-cigarette.  The device also works as a pass-through, so you can continue to use the Elips while its charging up.  The one minor gripe I have is that the USB cable uses an odd connector on the battery end instead of a standard mini-USB.  Of course a mini-USB port on the end of the Elips would have thrown off the whole design aesthetics.  A small red LED next to the port indicates when charging is taking place.

Elips Electronic cigarette

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