For the detail information regarding how to use the electronic cigarette, please refer to the following Manual for your electronic cigarette model.

e510t cigarette user guide

Electronic Cigarette Safety Cautions and Warnings :

Tip #1 - Keep your electronic cigarette, refill cartridges, and e-liquid away from your children and pets. Nicotine can prove deadly if ingested directly by a small child or pet.

Tip #2 - If you are going to try to clean the outside of the e-cig, a charger, or both, make sure they are not connected to a power source. You should also avoid using the charger or the USB plug if it is wet or damp and exercise caution if using outside.

Tip #3 - If you experience irritation with the electronic cigarette, you may have an allergy to the propylene glycol used to create the vapor smoke. Cease using the product, and consult a physician. You may have to switch to a vegetable glycerin based e-liquid in order to avoid the irritation.

Tip #4 - Don't try to use the e-liquid in any way other than contained in the cartridge that vaporizes the e-liquid into vapor smoke. E-liquid contains liquefied nicotine which can prove extremely dangerous if used incorrectly. On the same note, you should not try to use the vaporizer for anything other than e-liquid.

Tip #5 - Pay attention to how much you "vape". If you used to smoke a cigarette once an hour, then once an hour with the e-cig is probably the most you want to use the device to prevent "over indulging" in the vapor smoke.

Tip #6 - Keep the e-cig battery away from other metal stuff in your pockets. In some cases this has been found to short circuit the device, making it heat up, and sometimes results in the unit being destroyed.

Tip #7 - Do not allow a minor to use your electronic cigarette. They are prohibited for use by minor children and can result in getting the child addicted to nicotine or worse.

Tip #8 - If your local area does not have rules pertaining the usage of electronic cigarettes, ask the proprietor of the area you are in before using. It can save you some headaches, and just might expose someone new to vapor smoking.

E510-T Electronic cigarette

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