Smoking healthily is what we want. Now you can smoking with Vitamin C with your e-cigarette. The e-liqiud contain VC inside. When you inhale the smoke,you can absorb VC in our blood, thus increase your immunity. Vaping Vitamin C e-juice is a good way to build a strong immune system.

The Electronic Cigarette Liquid has 7 different density of nicotine:
    - Non nicotine: 0 mg nicotine, which equivalents to No Nicotine.
    - Low density: 6 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Ultra Light Strength Cigarettes.
    - Medium density: 12 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Medium Strength Cigarettes.
    - High density: 18 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Regular Strength Cigarettes.
    - XHigh density: 24 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Strong Cigarettes.
    - XXHigh density: 36 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Very Strong Cigarettes.
    - XXXHigh density: 48 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Super Strong Cigarettes.


You need to keep the E-Liquid in a dark and cool place. The normal shelf life of E-Liquid is 6 months. After long time if you do not use the E-Liquid and you taste the E-Liquid with the different taste as the beginning, we suggest you do not use the e-liquid any more.ecigliqud

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