Matrix-S is a new mod of variable voltage e-cigarette with thress different voltage to adjust.It comes with 2 kinds atomizers.One is for normal e-liquid and the other is for tobacco leaf or herbal leaf.The atomizers are compatible with eGo battery.

matrix-s ecigarette


1.Uses Kings atomizer which works dry herb and ejuice

2.Rotatable and scalable battery body can fit on different battery

3.Battery protected system

4. Smart LED variable voltage protect system

5. Matrix telescopic system




Working Voltage:3.5v-4.2v

1.Battery protected system:

a.5 times on/off button protect system

b.Protect system battery turn over

c.Short circuit protect system

2.Smart LED variable voltage protect system led button color, is 3.4v 5times. Purple color is 3.7v 5times again, blue color is 4.0v

If you feel have burn taste when the button led color is blue. You can adjust the color to purple to try.

matri-s ecig



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