How To Make Your Own E-Cigarette Fluid/Liquid?


How To Make Your Own  E-Cigarette Fluid?

What is E-Liquid?

Electronic Cigarette is the mixture of  water,flavoring,propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG),liquid nicotine,and other additives. The basic ingredients are easy to buy online.

Preparetion for Make Liquid

Step one: Purchasing Ingredients

You need to buy some basic ingredients before you starting make your electronic cigarette fluid. The basic ingredients are Liquid Base,Flavoring,Nicotine,Dripper, Bottle,Measuring Glass.

Liquid Base includes VG(Vegetable Glycerin),PG(Propylene Glycol),PG400. These should to be the food grade version of the products when you purchase them.You can get these items from

The Flavorings are flavor concentrate which can be dilute in the liquid base. They need to be in a proper proportion to make the liquid authentic.We will present some recipes then.

Nicotine is very dangerous if it is not properly handled.So buying pre-made commercial nicotine liquid is the safest alternative for this component of making your own e liquid. Buy Pre-mixed VG base

Distilled Water(optional) is also needed but you don't have to buy it. I bet you can get it right at home.

Step two: Starting DIY

If you are making e liquid without nicotine,a starting point for the proportions of you mix is:
- 15% Water
- 15% Flavoring
- 70% Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin or PG400

If using nicotine change the ratios to:
- 10% Water
- 10% Flavoring
- 80% Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin or PG400
- Add 0.6ml pure nocotine

You will get e-liquid with 6mg nicotine density for 100ml e-juice.

Tips: The nicotine density is based on mg/ml. It means you need 12mg pure nicotine if you want make 100ml liquid with 12mg nicotine density.PS 1000mg=1ml.

So now you can change the proportion of each ingredient to make your own E-liquid. If you want make high nicotine density, you can add more nicotine, if you want strong flavor strength, you can increase the flavoring proportion.

After the e-liquid is mixed, stir it fully and put it aside for a while before vaping. Keep the e-liquid in dark and cool place. Don't expose it to air for a long time and avoid it be reached by Children and pets.

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