The name EVOD Atomizer evokes images or associations with 'modding' and quite possibly we has now created a bottom coil eGo cartomizer where they have made it more accessible and easier to mod to your liking. Please refer to the pictures. You will see that the BCC atomizer has mother wicking that is just laid across slots on the side of the coil head and feeds a coiled wick below in the coil head well. You can replace, thin that mother wick out a bit, or maybe even thicken it more to better perform with the type of juice you are vaping with. Also with this type of approach Kanger may be able to manufacture the replacement heads more inexpensively, making the base and coil head available separately. We have the cheapest evod atomizer.

The EVOD is compatible with eGo threading. It also fits well with most CE4 style clearomizers such as our Stardust and ReDux and with many ego-welled mods.It is not compatible with 510 thread battery.

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