This is newly designed atomizer with glass body. Glass vaporizer is easier to clean. The flavor will not linger after cleaning. Change flavor will be much easier and no hassle.

The globe glass atomizer looks like a globe which can hold more e-liquid than other vaporizers.It does not leaks and no burnt taste.But it is frigile and need more attention when using it.

The vaporizer has 3 heating core along with the pack. It can use Wax,E-Solid,Tobacco leaves and other herbs leaves.

Feature of globe vaporizer:

1. Globe vaporizer is the latest products on the market

2. The material is glass, Very beautiful and durable.

3. Can be detached and replaced, save cost!

4. 100% no burning smell, no leakage

5. Easy to refill, great taste and huge vapor

6. Compatible with 510, EGO, EGO-T, EGO-W

7. Durable supply, no broken, more Quick& stable supply


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