eGo-T AUTO Battery for eGo 510 threads

Finally, an auto battery that is every bit as good as the EGO.  The auto Ego battery has a longer cutoff, so you will not be annoyed with that.  Better yet, it is an ego, which means 510 threading.  510 threads means that there is a lot more hardware available, unlike the 808 threads.  It will not accidently go off.  No more having to click 5 times to turn it on or off so that it doesn't go off in your pocket like the manual ego batteries.  If you are a fan of auto batteries then we think you will love the Auto Ego even more!


Battery capacity: 1100mah/900mah



Mouthfuls for each full battery: 600-700 puffs

Charge time: 2 - 2.5 hours

Life of battery: 300 times cycles

color:matte black


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