Best Way to DIY Your Liquid

  The flavoring concentrate is of high resolution. You can dilute the flavoring with VG,PG or PG400, whatever liquid base you like to DIY your own liquid. Nicotine can be added in the liquid which depends on your preference.

What it the propotion of the flavoring in the liqiud base?

   The proportion of the flavoring is a varible. Different proportion can make different liquid. The  proportion for the concentrate you can apply are 3%.5%.and 10%. You can increase the flavor strength by increasing the flavoring proportion.

Can I vapor the flavoring directly?

  We do not recommend you do that. The flavoring will not produce vapor unless it is mixed in the liquid base.

Where to keep the flavoring?

  The best place to put the flavoring is the fridge. If not, you should at least put it in a cool dark place.

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