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Absinthe Flavor
Water soluble. This is a wonderful blend of anise notes that closely resembles the orig...
Acetyl Pyrazine 5 PG
Taste description: This is Acetyl Pyrazine at 5% in Propylene Glycol at 10.00 ppm.&nb...
Almond Amaretto Flavor
Water soluble. A soft and smooth almond liqueur flavor. .....
Almond Flavor
Simple, sweet Almond flavor like that used in baking. Ingredients: Artificial Flavors, Propy...
Apple Flavor
Water soluble. Fresh and crisp apple - more sweet than tart. .....
Apricot Flavor
Water soluble. A light, refreshing apricot taste Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Fl...
Banana Cream Flavor
Water soluble. A smooth flavor with a fresh, natural banana taste. .....
Banana Flavor
A great basic banana flavor, not as intense as banana (ripe) Ingredients: Artificial Flavors...
Berry Mix Flavor
Water Soluble A fresh tasting blend of raspberry, blueberry, and other berry flavors! I...
Black Cherry Flavor
Water soluble. A very realistic, fresh cherry flavor, true to the actual berry rather than a...
Black Currant Flavor
Water Soluble. Black Currant Flavor has a Grape-like character, but with a dry, dark, and ma...
Black Tea Flavor
Water soluble. This is a strong plain black tea flavor. Don't get thrown off by the very str...
Blackberry Flavor
Water soluble. A fresh blackberry flavor. Ingredients:Natural...
Blueberry Flavor (Extra)
Water soluble. Sweet and fruity.   Ingredients:Natural &...
Butter Rum
Water soluble. Butter Rum a strong rum flavor   .....
Cappuccino Flavor
Water soluble. An Italian favorite! A strong coffee flavor with a hint of creaminess, a grea...
Caramel Flavor
Water soluble. This is our new Caramel Flavor - we also have the original one too.   ...
Chocolate Flavor
Water soluble. This is a rich, dark chocolate that is a dark brown color. This is our n...
Cinnamon Flavor
This flavor is similar to the Cinnamon red hot flavor, but with a bit more complexity. ** No...
Clove Flavor
Water soluble This flavor is actually just natural eugenol at 20% (The main constituent of c...
Coconut Flavor
Water based. A light coconut flavor best for blending with other flavors.   ...
Coffee Flavor
Water soluble. Fresh brewed coffee - this flavor contains natural coffee essence, which give...
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