This newly-released ecigarette battery— eGo-RS battery is the latest eGo battery. It's battery-removable, so more lasting and economical comparing with regular eGo-T batteries before. It can well fit with all clearomizers of eGo-T series and CE4 series.

Each eGo-RS battery consists of an eGo-RS battery housing and a changeable Li-ion 14500 900mah battery. You can replace a new Li-ion battery and charge the Li-ion battery separately.

eGo-RS battery has a constant output voltage of 3.7v and  the same 5-click lock/unlock function as regular ones. Moreover, eGo-RS has both reverse battery protection and short-circuit protecton. So the safety is well guaranteed.

* Reverse battery protection: while battery is put upside donw, the control panel will cut off the power supply to protect the battery and control units.
* Short circuit protection: the battery will stop work when short circuit happens.


Unit: 1pc battery housing and 1 pc 14500 battery
Capacity: 900 mah
Colors: Black/Stainless
Size: Length 88.4mm/Diameter 15mm

Each kit includes:
* 2 pcs eGo-RS battery holder and 2 pcs 14500 batteries
* 2 pcs CE4  clearomizer
* 1 pc USB charger 4.2v 420mah
* 1 pc wall adapter
* 1 pc eGo case

How to charge:
1. eGo-RS battery can be charged by an eGo USB charger directly. The usual charging time is 2.5 hours.
2. eGo-RS battery can also be charged by an external charger. The output of it is 3.7v 450mah. The charging will stop automatically at 4.2v when it's fully charged.



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