The Best Way to Clean CE4 Clearomizer

How to clean the CE4 clearomizer after every tank you smoke when you want to switch to another flavor? You have to do 2 steps to get rid of the previous flavor.

First Step: You need to wash the CE4 clearomizer with water. Use water to clean the inside of the CE4. The best way to do this is to let the running water from faucet drip directly into the CE4 clearomizer. Then clean the CE4, especially the underpart which is connected to the battery. This process works for most light flavors. However, if you smoked menthol flavor, you have to do the second step.

Second Step: Fill the CE4 clearomizer with flavorless e-liquid which is liquid base, VG or PG. Then vaping with the flavorless e-liquid. This process will consume the remaining flavors. You can vaping all the flavorless e-liquid or vaping for a while which is up to you.

If you have any questions about cleanning CE4 clearomizer, you can E-mail us at

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