2013 CE4 EGO-T Electronic Cigarette

The upgraded EGO-T cigarette with CE4 clearomizer is the newest version of EGO-T. 1.6ml clearomizer can give you a different sensation of the big vapor EGO-T.

Electronic Cigarette EGO-T CE4 Package includes:
-  TWO  CE4 Clearomizers with mouth piece
-  TWO eGo-T Batteries with 5 click shut off system*

-  ONE USB Charger
-  ONE Wall Charger

- One Empty Bottle with Needle

Electronic Cigarette EGO-T CE4+ Characteristics:

-  Diameter: 9.2 mm
-  Length: 118 mm
-  Weight: 37 g
-  Package dimension: 24 x 19 x 4 cm
-  Full Battery capacity: 800 puffs
-  Battery capacity: 650mAh with the five click protection system*
-  Battery lifespan: 400 times
-  Full charging time: 3-4 hours.

Download Manual Here

ego ce4 ecigarette user manual

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