New CE4/CE5 eGo-K Blister Pack

The latest verison of the eGo and CE series clearomizer eGo-K CE4 blister pack kit. This product is highly recommended as a starter pack kit. With the CE4 clearomizer and 650mah/1100mah eGo battery, You can easily start vaping with e-cigarette.

If your customs has problems with ecigarette, you can select plain packing which will not have e-cig label on it.

This Pack Includes:
1,1 1100mah eGo battery with Click Protect System
2,1 CE4 clearomizer  2.1-2.8 ohms
3,1 USB cable charger

ce4 blister kit

Capacity 1100 mAh
Avg. Charging Time 2 Hours
Resistance 2.6 ohms
Avg. Puffs Per Charge 1100-1150
Switch Manual Button
Voltage Input: DC 4.2V, 420 mA; Output: DC ≈3.7V ± 0.4V
Technology Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Type CE4 clearomizers
Quantity One (1) Kit
Included Items One CE4 clearomizer; One eGo 1100 mAh battery; Fast USB charger; Blister box

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